WoodworX Toni Wood
Toni Wood - vocals

Toni Wood performing with WoodworX at the Star (Glasgow) Billed by the Loaded Dog Folk Club (Sydney) as: "Brisbane songstress supreme", folk has been Toni Wood's first love ever since her dad bought the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makim Live at Carnegie Hall album when she was five. Since finding the Brisbane folk scene in 1991 she has been member of a number of line-ups - usually two or three at once! Her first band was `Rosehill Fayre', performing a mixture of traditional and contemporary material. Then the renowned `Tangled Web' - described by Bill Hauritz of the Woodford Folk Festival as simply the best women's folk band in Australia bar none. She was also a member of the originals band `Bidngi'.

With these bands and solo, Toni has toured extensively and performed at all the major folk festivals on the Australian East Coast. A great believer that there aren't enough hours in the day for all the songs that need to be sung, has meant various other happy collaborations on a wide variety of material and projects. Toni is a performer of the very highest calibre whose fine voice supports presentation skills honed by ample experience at the highest levels.

More Than Skin Deep album cover Since arriving in the UK she has performed at a number of English festivals such as Chippenham, Warwick, The National and Redditch. She has been adopted by Glasgow and is currently expanding her repertoire of Scottish Traditional music. Major influences on her singing style have been Melanie Safka, Frankie Armstrong, Carole King, Mary Black, Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith. Toni has produced one solo CD to date called "More Than Skin Deep" and as well as making a CD with the Bidngi Birds - "Fly".

Toni is now pursuing other projects but will consider performing with WoodworX if requested. Contact Brian for more details.